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Building an Android PhoneGap app 'reveal' menu/tabbar that doesn't rely on the use of position: fixed


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Last month I started developing for Android for the first time, using PhoneGap and Eclipse. Initially this was a bit of shock, I was rather outside of my comfort zone having used Xcode and iOS for the last three months.

After packing away my lovely iPhone 4 test phone and pulling out the ol’ HTC Desire I went through the laborious process of setting up an Android development environment—slightly more confusing than installing Xcode, but once set up there is none of the certificate bullshit to slow you down. Yippee.


Loading external data into a PhoneGap app using the jQuery JSONP plugin for cross-domain access


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Important: view updated article – 9th July 2011

Following the release of jQuery 1.5 I have written a more up to date article and made available all of the source code and sample app.

View the updated article

Continuing my love affair with PhoneGap I thought I’d share a few methods of handling external data that I’ve adopted, tweaked and re-written for use in my web app escapades at RITH.

PhoneGap doesn’t ship with a data layer but as web apps [commonly] utilise a JavaScript library, this isn’t an issue. I use jQuery, but it is worth noting there are several other more compact JS libraries that may be more suitable if you want to keep your app as lightweight as possible.

This isn’t solely related to PhoneGap apps – this technique can be used in any web app, but it’s immensely useful within PhoneGap.