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Essential web and app development tools that I use every day


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I love seeing what tools people use throughout a project lifecycle. Finding a tool that you can use every day is a great feeling.

I thought I’d share what I use during a project and pretty much every day at RITH:


Moving into a new studio—why it is the right time for Running in the Halls to expand in sq ft


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March 2012 was an incredible month for Running in the Halls (RITH). We launched Librarygame and were simply overwhelmed with the response from libraries all over the world.

I didn’t think it was possible to top the feelings we shared during launch week, but the momentum we experienced as a team in March has well and truly continued into April as we made the move into a much larger studio.


Running in the Halls launches Librarygame—gamification for public and academic libraries

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Badges and achievements you can unlock while playing Librarygame
Librarygame—a beautiful game to play in public and academic libraries

In October 2009 Running in the Halls (RITH) sat down and penned the idea of gamifying the library experience. The concept? To award points, badges and achievements for borrowing and returning items, accessing resources and physically visiting the library.